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Beverly Hills

Mediterranean Bowl


Curried Chikpeas, Wilted Spinach, Pickled Cabbage, Raisins, Roasted Peppers, Avocado, Herb Hummus, Cucumbers, Charred Onions, Coconut Yogurt, Olive Oil, Pistachio served with Seeded Flat Bread

Remove Toppings (Optional):No Curried Chikpeas No Wilted Spinach No Pickled Cabbage No Rasins No Roasted Peppers No Avocado No Herb Hummus No Cucumbers No Charred Onions No Coconut Yogurt No Olive Oil No Pistachio
Add Protein (Required):Add Impossible +$4Add Quorn Chik'n +$4Add Grilled Chicken +$4Go Naked (no protein)
Choose Side (Optional):Cabbage Slaw +$6Roasted Sweet Potatoes +$6Kimchi Cucumbers +$6

Beverly Hills

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